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Persons with hearing disability

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Mon, Tue and Thu, 10:00-15:00 hrs
Wed – internal focus day
Fri, 10:00-14:00 hrs

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English language courses

Students wishing to participate in a course of English are kindly invited to learn more about the offer.

The course is open to persons with sight or hearing disability whose studies feature a foreign language course as part of the curriculum. The course is delivered in Inter-faculty groups and can be chosen instead of the standard course of English.

A picture of the multimedia room

Those wishing to attend are welcome at the beginnining of the academic year to present themselves at the DSS to enrol for the course and take a language test, which will facilitate the correct group placement. Each year, several groups are created of various leveles of advancement. The number of participants is usually low so the students have ample opportunity to be active and can learn effectively.

The courses are delivered in a dedicated multimedia workroom at the JU DSS

In groups for blind and partially sighted studets materials are used chich have been adapted as required by the students' individual needs. Useful in language learning, graphic material is prepared in tactile format or taking into account the specific needs of partially sighted learners. The students can also make use of texts in electronic format.

Language groups for deaf and hard of hearing students are delivered with such aids as an interactive board and a projector. The learning process is facilitated by an inductophonic loop installed in the room, which amplifies sound and supports digital hearing aids.

All language courses are delivered by professionally trained teachers from the Jagiellonian Language Centre.

Contact the language teachers:

Dominika Stopa