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On-duty hours for students:

Mon, Tue and Thu, 10:00-15:00 hrs
Wed – internal focus day
Fri, 10:00-14:00 hrs

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Disability Support Service

Disability Support Service
Collegium Paderevianum II al. Mickiewicza 9a/410 (IV floor)
31-120 Cracow
Phone: 12 663 43 50
Disability Support Service
Collegium Paderevianum II al. Mickiewicza 9a/410 (IV floor)
31-120 Cracow
Contact Information

Address: Collegium Paderevianum II al. Mickiewicza 9a/410 (IV floor), 31-120 Cracow

Phone: 12 663 43 50, 12 663 43 40 (sekretariat)
Fax: 12 663 43 42

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Opening hours

Important: DSS working system changes as of October 2020

We wish to kindly inform you that pursuant to Communication no 27 of the JU Vice-Rector for Education of 5 October 2020 concerning the security policy as regards counteracting the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, the standard form of contact with the educational advisers will be remote communication  - by electronic mail from the domain, by telephone or using the MS Teams application (available in the free Office 365 suite).

Meetings in person at the DSS office will take place in justified cases, after making an appointment with the adviser and adhering to the sanitary regime (wearing a protective facemask and hand disinfection).

Mon-Fri, 07:30-17:00 hrs

On-duty hours for students::

Mon, Tue and Thu, 10:00-15:00 hrs

Wed – internal focus day

Fri, 10:00-14:00 hrs

Please make an appointment by telephone or email.

Problems with getting to the JU DSS office? Please contact us by telephone.

How to find the JU DSS?

The office of the Disability Support Service of the JU can be found in the city centre at al. Mickiewicza 9A (the corner of al. Mickiewicza and ul. Krupnicza). The building is called Collegium Paderevianum II and it also hosts the JU Philological Faculty. 

After entering the building using the main entrance, everybody is required to disinfect the hands and put on a facemask, especially in the lifts and areas where other people are present. 

The DSS office is located on the fourth floor, where persons with disabilities can get from the ground floor using one of the two lifts available. Leaving the lift, please go to the wing of the building located to your right. The secretariat of the Service is located in room 410, the first one on the right in that wing. 

Students coming to the JU DSS office for a meeting with an educational adviser are kindly asked to report to room 410 first.

The students can wait for the meeting with the adviser in the waiting area in the lobby or in a room designated by the adviser, where a PC and a printer can be used if needed. 

Mindful of the safety of all of us, please wear a facemask both in the secretariat and during the meeting with the educational adviser. Hand disinfection gel is available. Disinfection liquid can also be found in each lavatory. 

Getting there

The office of the JU DSS can be reached by public transport. 

Buses of the following numbers:  

  • 114, 164, 169, 173, 179, 189, 192, 194, 304, 469, and 503 – Stop AGH/UR 
  • 124, 152, 424 and 502 - Stop Teatr Bagatela 

Trams of the following numbers:  

  • 2, 4, 8, 13, 14, 18, 20, and 24 – Stop Teatr Bagatela 

Detailed timetables of the bus and tram services of the Krakow Public Transport Authority

Going to the JU DSS office by public transport, you can disembark at the stop AGH/UR or Teatr Bagatela (the DSS office is located approximately 700 metres away from the stop Teatr Bagatela). 

Should you find it difficult to get to the DSS office, please call (+48) 12 663 43 40.  

If necessary, an DSS staff member can leave the office to meet you at a bus/tram stop located close to the office or in front of the building. To arrange that option, please contact us by telephone or by mail.  

The closest parking space designated for persons with disabilities (in the form of an envelope, or a painted white rectangle with two crossing lines inside) can be found just outside the building (ul. Krupnicza). 

W kindly inform you that the Collegium Paderevianum II building is adapted to the needs of persons with various disabilities. Wheelchair users will be able to reach any place on their own, yet should they need assistance, for instance in opening the doors, they can contact the building caretaker or staff of the Service at (+48) 12 663 43 40. 

We will also gladly make blind persons familiar with the Collegium Paderevianum II building. Should you need such instruction, please contact us by telephone or by mail. Additionally, we can provide blind persons with the building’s layout printed on swell paper.  

The lifts in the building are fitted with a sound system as well as buttons in braille. 

Lavatories adjusted to the needs of persons with disabilities can be found on each floor of the building. 

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Information on accessible transport in Krakow

Below please find some transport options for university students with disabilities moving around Krakow:

Partner Taxi Service offers accessible cars to its clients with disabilities (under a relevant agreement with Krakow Municipality). It is recommended to book transport services in advance in order to make sure an accessible vehicle is available. Persons wishing to use this co-funded service delivered by Partner Taxi Service must hold a valid disability certificate. The service can be booked by calling the following numbers: 196 33, 196 88 or 800 33 96 33.


Detailed information available on the company's website:


The Municipal Transport Company (MPK) offers travel onboard trams and buses adjusted to the needs of persons with mobility disability. Timetables of certain lines serviced by step-free vehicles are marked with the  wheelchair sign. Inside such vehicles, there is a dedicated space for passengers using the wheelchair.

The following lines going to and from the University Campus are serviced by accessible vehicles:

trams no 18 and 52

bus no 194

Detailed information available at: